Adult Individual Counselling

Adult Counselling can support a variety of challenges, including mental health and substance use. We also provide support for adults who are impacted by another persons substance use. Individual counselling sessions are $100/hr. 

Youth individual Counselling

Youth Counselling is for individuals under the age of 24 and can support a variety of challenges, including mental health and substance use. Individual counselling sessions are $100/hr. 

Virtual Individual Counselling

These appointments will be online or by telephone and are available for both adult and youth. Individual counselling sessions are $100/hr. 

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling can help you manage any challenges and emphasize the positives in your relationship. Couples counselling sessions are $100/hr. 

Family Counselling

Family therapy helps family members understand each other and work through difficult feelings in a safe space. This type of therapy focuses on improving the interactions and communication between family members. In family therapy, “family” is defined as a group of people who care about each other and call themselves a family. This could include parents and children, partners, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, caregivers and other professionals that are close to the group. Family counselling sessions are $100/hr. 

Substance Use Educational Sessions

These sessions will provide educational support to parents, caregivers, and individuals who work with youth who may be using or experimenting with substances. The information provided will include substances in our community, impact on brain development and ways to talk to your youth about substances and their possible affects.


ICCON stands for Intensive Coordinated-Care Opioid Navigator. The program began at Pathways Addictions Resource Centre in 2018 and has served 40 clients every year since beginning. The objective of the program is to provide a system of coordinated care for people struggling with Opioid Dependence.

The program includes several components, such as:

  • An intensive client-centred and recovery service to provide wraparound care for individuals struggling with opioid use disorder
  • Daily connections to the Navigator to support recovery, including outside of regular working hours
  • Opportunity for the Navigator to support the families of clients
  • Providing social support and guidance in the areas of Health/Wellness, Housing, Income/Financial Assistance, Employment, Legal Aid, Connections to Community; and
  • Reducing the stigma attached to opioid addiction.

The Navigator takes a client-centered, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive stance to support clients in the above areas. The core principles of the Navigator role include safety, trust, and relationship-building with both clients and the community.

In order to become part of the ICCON program, clients must be engaging in harm reduction. Clients must identify if they have a healthy support system. The Navigator should also know if clients are currently attending any self-help programs or utilizing additional community services. Clients referred to the program must be safely housed and on an Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) program.