ICCON stands for Intensive Coordinated-Care Opioid Navigator. The program began at Pathways Addictions Resource Centre in 2018 and has served 40 clients every year since beginning. The objective of the program is to provide a system of coordinated care for people struggling with Opioid Dependence.

The program includes several components, such as:

  • An intensive client-centred and recovery service to provide wraparound care for individuals struggling with opioid use disorder
  • Daily connections to the Navigator to support recovery, including outside of regular working hours
  • Opportunity for the Navigator to support the families of clients
  • Providing social support and guidance in the areas of Health/Wellness, Housing, Income/Financial Assistance, Employment, Legal Aid, Connections to Community; and
  • Reducing the stigma attached to opioid addiction.

The Navigator takes a client-centered, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive stance to support clients in the above areas. The core principles of the Navigator role include safety, trust, and relationship-building with both clients and the community.

In order to become part of the ICCON program, clients must be engaging in harm reduction. Clients must identify if they have a healthy support system. The Navigator should also know if clients are currently attending any self-help programs or utilizing additional community services. Clients referred to the program must be safely housed and on an Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) program.