Group Programs

Recovery for Newcomers

$90 – Recovery for Newcomers is a group for people who are contemplating or are in the early stages of recovery. The 6-week program will cover developing an understanding of the process of recovery, anxiety, depression, post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and suggest options for growth and change as well as identify community resources that can assist clients in recovery. Dates TBA

Life Over The Influence

$180 – This 6 week group is specifically for family or friends who are affected by a loved one’s substance use. You will be able to enhance your well-being, reduce isolation tendencies and increase your understanding of substance use in a stigma free safe environment. Dates TBA

Recovery: Moving Along

$90 – This 6 week group is for people who are moving forward from Early Recovery who are action oriented and are wanting to work on acceptance and commitment, establishing values/goals and continued relapse prevention techniques. Dates TBA

The Art Of Thriving

This 6 week group is for people who are currently established in recovery and are working on ongoing maintenance. We will cover forgiveness, reconciliation, learning to live in the now, communication, self-care and continued relapse prevention techniques. Dates TBA

Working Mens DEW

This 6 week intensive outpatient treatment program will assist men to recognize their own skills that will sustain their sobriety and create awareness in their environment. Dates TBA