Our Story

Pathways Addictions Resource Centre has a long standing relationship with Penticton and the South Okanagan. From it’s humble beginnings in 1975 as the South Okanagan Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Program with two counsellors to present day with a staff of 8, 

the philosophy remains the same:

To foster the well-being of the whole person and their connectedness to self, family and community when dealing with substance use and addictions.

Pathways is incorporated as a not-for-profit society in the Province of British Columbia and is registered as a Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. We are regulated by guidelines maintained by the British Columbia Ministry of Health.

There was a time in the beginning where alcohol was the only substance affecting people, now poly-drug use has become the norm. Our services are for youth through senior adults, as well as for people who have been affected by a family member or friend’s substance use.

Pathways provides out-patient services to over 1000 clients each year and the need continues to grow. In order to meet the increasing demand we have been innovative in developing services based on client feedback. The move to provide more out-patient treatment reduces the need for people to leave their community, home and family to deal with substance use issues. This has kept families together.

Pathways offers several outpatient services including individual counselling, men’s and women’s groups, NEW online courses, education sessions and services for people whose lives are being affected by someone else’s use. As a proponent of harm reduction Pathways provides training and distribution of naloxone and take home drug testing kits.

Pathways looks to individuals and organizations for donations and grants to offer additional services to our clients. Pathways operates under a fee-for-service model.