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Counselling, educational sessions, group programs, online courses and harm reduction. Book an appointment online today!


We offer a variety of programs & services including counselling + educational sessions, group programs, online courses as well as harm reduction education.
Services are now available to be booked online or you can call now to book!


Group Programs

Online Courses



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Any donation amount is directed towards the fund and can provide service to someone in need.

News and Events

Recent news about Pathways, our community and events related to addictions services in the local area.


We’re available for public presentations and have provided a large list of resources throughout the Okanagan and in Canada. 

Public Presentations

Public education is important to us, and Pathways staff are available to provide community presentations based on need.

Community Resources

Here you will find an in-depth list of community centres, help lines, housing programs and guidelines for drugs and alcohol safety.

Detox & Addiction Services

Information for detox & addiction services including AA/NA meetings, help with relocation for rehab services and more.

For the month of March, CanadaHelps will make a one-time extra $20 donation for every new monthly gift of $20 or more made to Pathways using CanadaHelps.